Specimen Type: Peripheral Blood

The volume of blood required is based upon the patient’s white blood count (WBC).  

Important note:  We do not “grow” cells in culture or otherwise attempt to expand the sample size as this can alter the biologic character of the cells, skew test results, and adversely affect predictive accuracy.  Therefore, we are limited to the testing only the CLL cells which are present in the sample upon arrival in our laboratory.   The number and condition of cells in the sample directly determine how many candidate chemotherapy drugs we are able to test on behalf of the patient.

How to Order a Signature CLL Personalized Cytometric Profile

Each assay requires several hours of dedicated technician and M.D. and/or Ph.D. professional time.  In order to afford each patient with the best, personalized analysis, cytometric profile testing and interpretation are performed by appointment only.  Please use the self-scheduling form at this link or phone (714) 596-2121 to speak with a physician services representative.

Our laboratory is licensed by the U.S. Department of Health and by the State of California. Regulations specify that most types of laboratory tests, and this includes personalized cytometric profiling, must be ordered by a physician or other appropriately licensed medical professional.  If you are a patient, please phone us at (714) 596-2121 for information about our services.  This will help you in discussing cytometric profiling with your physician, who must order our services on your behalf.

Please phone our lab with any questions you may have.  We are always very glad to help. (714) 596-2121.     

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  1. Phone Signature CLL at least two days prior to collection to obtain all necessary specimen transport materials.

  2. Collect blood in a lavender-top tube.

  3. Keep the specimen cool.

  4. Enclose a frozen cold pack (minus 20).

  5. Do not freeze the specimen.

  6. Do not use dry ice for shipping.

  7. Phone Signature CLL immediately to arrange for specimen transport. 

  8. The specimen must be transported on the same day it is collected.

Instructions for CLL Specimens

IMPORTANT: Living Cancer Cells are Required!

Do Not Freeze • Do Not Use Formalin

Specimens Sent on Friday MUST be Marked for Saturday Delivery