The Best CLL Treatment is the One that Works Best for YOU

Many different chemotherapy drugs and drug combinations are approved for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).  In most cases, these drugs are  prescribed without knowing in advance if they will be effective for the specific patient to whom they are administered.  The CLL patient might receive an ineffective treatment when there exists a treatment that will work much better for him or her. 

Susceptibility to treatment with a specific drug is influenced by thousands of interrelated biological processes occurring within the cancer cell.  Some of these processes are known but many are not.  Moreover, no two patients are exactly alike in this regard. 

SignatureCLL uses an approach called SignatuRx™ Personalized Chemotherapy Profiling to assess the combined effect of all cellular processes - those that are known and those that are not yet known.  This differs from so-called “molecular profiling,” which looks at one or only a few of the known cellular processes and does not account for unknown factors or for critical chemical interactions within the cell. Moreover, in molecular profiling your cancer cells are never exposed to even a single chemotherapy drug.  This is a mistake because it is important to know how the entire cancer cell - your cancer cell - actually behaves when it is exposed to a specific chemotherapy drug. 

In the laboratory, we expose your living cancer cells to an extensive panel of chemotherapy drugs.  Drugs and drug combinations tested for you are selected because of their potential ability to benefit you in your specific clinical situation.  Your diagnosis, treatment history, physical condition, and other factors are all taken into account.  Your comprehensive test panel will include the newest targeted compounds in addition to a wide range of established chemotherapy drugs.  Rational combinations of these dugs are also tested for you in order to identify possible drug synergies or antagonistic drug interactions.

Your personalized cytometric profile will show which chemotherapy agents effectively killed your cancer cells, which agents were less effective, and which agents were not effective at all and therefore should be avoided. 

The most promising, personalized chemotherapy approach is then designed for you and you alone. 

This enhances your likelihood of treatment success.  It also spares you needless exposure to harmful side-effects of ineffective drugs.  Meanwhile, valuable treatment time is not wasted on trial-and-error drugs while your illness progresses and your CLL cells develop resistance to chemotherapy.   Also, you avoid unnecessary drug and treatment costs.   

To learn more about SignatureCLL and about the SignatuRx™ Personalized Chemotherapy Profile please visit the SignatureCLL page of this website or contact us directly.