The gold standard in clinical validation has always been the prospective, randomized clinical trial.  In these pages we present data reported by numerous investigators in several studies involving personalized cytometric profiling in the setting of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. 

These culminate in a landmark 777 patient prospective, randomized clinical trial1 in CLL.  In this trial, patients receiving  DiSC assay-directed chemotherapy achieved superior one year overall survival rates compared with patients whose treatments were chosen for them without benefit of personal cytometric profiling results.      

To place this finding into context, no other clinical trial has ever shown a survival advantage when using chemotherapy alone in the setting of relapsed CLL.

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Matutes E, Bosanquet AG, Wade R, et al, The use of individualized tumor response testing in treatment selection: second randomization results from the LRF CLL4 trial and the predictive value of the test at trial entry. Leukemia (2013) 27, 507–510; doi:10.1038/leu.2012.209

A Consistent Pattern of Predictive Accuracy

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50 Years of Evidence - View Timeline

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Improved CLLSurvival - A Landmark Trial

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